Life Paths

About Tricia Frances

In 1991 I bought a portion of sweet and salmonella chicken that led to a Near Death Experience that changed my life!

In early 1992 I meet a Spiritual Master in the Sahara Desert who taught me to meditation after which I was shown a technique through meditation which I call Secret Garden that helps to change lives and create a better future. Around the same time I had a vision of an organisation which would help many people and I founded the International Light Foundation (which in 1997 became the charity known as The Light Foundation) which aimed to support people in need and provide spiritual guidance for those who wanted to change their lives. I became a Light worker and travelled the UK & Europe setting up projects and attending MBS where I gave talks and taught Secret Garden to hundreds of people.

I'd had a deep interest in Native American Peoples throughout my life and I took the  Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge course with Grandma Twylah of the Seneca People during the early 1990's. Little did I know that the wisdom I had learnt from them would play a big part in my life in the coming years.

The two most successful projects of the Light Foundation were ChildWise, where we helped children in Norfolk UK who had lost their belongings and Sayana Wolf Trust providing educational oppportunities and relief for children in the UK and Native America. I worked on developing relationships with Native American people and organisations and in December 1998 a shoe box gift programme was set up to help children on reservations in the Wyoming / South Dakota area, with the help of Clay Watson of Pioneer Industries, who became the distributor. Within 2 months hundreds of children had been helped.

In February 1999 I lead a 9 week project with Mousehold First school in Norwich, U.K to educate the children in Native American culture, traditions, arts, crafts and music and we linked with other schools and native people through the Internet (using the only PC in the school, in the staff room!) where they were able to send emails and research through Native web sites (one of the first projects of this kind).

In 1999 we gained a lottery grant to run our Native America 2000 where we brought to the UK 2 Native Americans, Fabian Fontenelle (dance) and Charles Littleleaf (flute) and as well as talks & concerts we worked with over 3,000 children in schools in Norwich and Yorkshire over a 3 week period and additionally helped to set up a layette program on the RoseBud reservation in Wyoming with Pioneer.

Over the years I have continued to study and now combine my understanding of the Medicine Wheel and Numerology to try to gain some insight of why we are here and how we can fullfill our lives and live with intention. Through my Life Path Charts I can share this with you.


I have counselling and therapist qualifications, as well as degrees because at a certain point some years ago I realised that I needed the combination of spiritual and mainstream training to be able to provide a balanced outlook in order to better serve my students and clients.


I look forward to be able to share Secret Garden with you.

Neyah wey skenoh

Thank you for being x