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Secret Garden is a creative life changing personal development technique which uses visualisation, meditation and art to become more in tune with the self.


It has been described as Jungian, Shamanic, Spiritual as well as other things, but it is what ever the participant needs it to be and is a tool which can be used for life.


But Secret Garden is is not what you think it will be! You wont be taken on a meandering journey smelling the roses (unless you want to!). Instead Tricia can only show you 5 things during the meditation, everything else is found by you individually or as a group -Amazingly she has found over the years that everyone will find the same things in their garden over time - which shows that we really are all connected!


Founded in 1991 by Tricia Frances, Secret Garden has now been taught to thousands of people across the UK and Europe.

Available as introductory, day, evening, monthly and practitioner courses


SECRET GARDEN Meditation & Personal Development


Introduction £30 per person or Part 1 £30 per person (3 sessions)

Various venues or @ The Studio


(Introduction needs to be taken first)


To book please email or go to the workshop page at


New courses in Norwich for 2019

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